Chefs-Resources Photo Licensing Guidelines

Any image with the ” licensing ” or ” licensed ” tag under it is licensed under a specific Creative Commons license.  These images cannot be used for commercial purposes, but can be copied and used elsewhere for free distribution as long as the following content including text and active hyperlinks to the original source are visibly displayed under the image:

This image by is licensed” 

The phrase must be visible, with active links (rel=”dofollow”) as used above, and must be a minimum of 10pt (as displayed in the example). The hyperlink to Chefs-Resources should target the original image source of the Chefs-Resources page where the image was copied from. 

No image can be sold without the express permission of Chefs-Resources.

Any image on this site without the phrase “See image licensing info” or “This image by is licensed” is copyrighted material, all rights reserved.

Further licensing information can be found at Creative Commons.

Direct any questions to: